Repetition Madness!

Circuit 1:

2 Sets – 30 Seconds each exercise (minimum rest between exercises)

1.  Offset Push-up (Alternating hand position)

2.  Close Grip Push-up

3.  Deep Squat

4.  Crossover Lunge (Alternating legs)

5.  Cross Mountain Climber

6.  Jumping Jacks

Circuit 2:

2 Sets – 50 Reps each exercise (minimum rest between exercises)

1.  Wide arm Push-up

2.  Jump Squat /or Deep Squat

3.  Shoulder Press Push-up

4.  High Knee Drill (Only count the left leg)

5.  Sumo Squat

6.  Leg Raise

7.  Mountain Climber (Only count the left leg)

Dirty Dozen Ab Routine

40 seconds each exercise (Minimum rest between exercises):

1.  Pulse-up

2.  Full Crunch

3.  Reverse Crunch

4.  Left Over (Legs at a 90 degree angle, Left leg crossed over the right. Preform a crunch)

5.  Right Over (Legs at a 90 degree angle, Right leg crossed over the left. Preform a crunch)

6.  Penguin

7.  Mason Twist

8.  In & out

9.  Leg Raise

10.  Left Climb

11. Right Climb

12.  Abdominal Row

BONUS: Flutter Kicks

Black Friday Self Defense Boot Camp

This boot camp was inspired by the upcoming Black Friday “holiday.” A time when people fight to the death (no really, it’s happened) for bargains, steals and deals. Try these strength-building, self-defense exercises at home…and don’t let that crazy person get the last Elmo!

2 Sets – 50 seconds per exercise:

1.  Burpee with a push-up

2.  Left-Handed Jab: Keep your feet light and moving the entire time

3.  Right Handed Jab: Keep your feet light and moving the entire time

4.  Left Knee Strike

5.  Right Knee Strike

6.  Duck-unders

7.  Fast Feet/Run in Place

8. (2) Jabs/(1) Upper Cut Combo (alternate between left and right side): Keep your feet light and moving the entire time

9. Squat Crunch: Alternate legs

10. (4) Suicides

(minimal rest in between exercises)


The Calorie Crusher!

2 Sets – 50 seconds each exercise:

1.  Push – ups

2.  Alternating Forward Lunge/or Jump Lunge

3.  Body Weight Squat/or Squat Jumps

4.  Wide Arm Push – ups

5.  Mountain Climbers

6.  Mason Twist

7.  Jumping Jacks/or Simulated Jump Rope

(minimum rest between exercises, 50 sec rest between rounds)



Daily Workouts

Like most of us, you live a busy life. And if you have made the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle – then follow through! Don’t let life get in your way. Whether you’re on vacation, traveling for business or just couldn’t make it to class, here you’ll find daily workouts to help you meet your fitness goals.